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Vip Escorts - Events where a stunning lady is a must

You may like the single life and the freedom of choice that it gives you when attending parties. However, there are certain social gatherings where having an escort is the best solution. If you are not aware of this fact, sooner or later you will end up being the only single guy at an event. Before you know it, you will be seated at the kids’ table drinking imaginary tea with the host’s five year-old cousins. Here is a short list of celebrations where having a sexy girl by your side is a must:

Mitzie Briana

Never attend weddings alone

Experienced men like to be accompanied by a stunning lady every time they go to a wedding. Somewhere in their youth they have noticed just how miserable single guys are when they have to attend such a party. Take their example and bring a hot girl with you when you celebrate a couple’s wedlock. Don’t be fooled by the promise of meeting sexy singles at a bridal party. The only single girls that you will find at a wedding are either underage or octogenarian widows.


Avoid being single at the school reunion

Many people are eagerly waiting a high school reunion from the instant they graduate. Ten years later some of the guys bring their wives, some are accompanied by hot, sexy escorts and just a few of them show up single. You never want to fall in the last category. No matter how successful you turned out to be, not having a beautiful woman by your side establishes you as a failure in everyone’s eyes.

Game nights and get-togethers

Sometimes you may feel that a simple get-together with your friends is not a good reason to bring a hot escort with you. That is where you are wrong! Never attend an event that is dominated by couples without having a beautiful woman to accompany you. Couples have a mirroring behavior and they slowly eliminate the ones that have a different image. In this case: the singles. You don’t want to lose contact with your friends just because you were too lazy to bring a hot girl with you.